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Diving into the world of production, I spoke with 22 year old SwaggBoyy out of Jacksonville, Florida. Swagg first stepped into the music industry six years ago as an artist, when asked if he could make beats by a friend, he lied and said yes. Sticking by his word, Swagg started learning how to produce, and then fell in love with the process realizing this was what he wanted to focus on. Being surrounded by Jacksonville’s rugged underground scene, Swagg has seen many artists start their journey from the bottom, and watch them come up to set inspiration for his own career. With a diverse set of music coming out of his city, he’s been able to work in a wide variety of genres. SwaggBoyy describes his production as a bouncy vibe, he enjoys more ambient sounds and is starting to pave his own lane. He takes inspiration from producers such as Zaytoven, Timbaland, and Metro Boomin. Crediting Timbaland with drum influences and Metro with both sonic and personal style influence. A track that sonically captures his style is Seddy Hendrinx “Jack W” featuring 24hrs.

Swagg works closely with Generation Now’s Seddy Hendrinx as his producer. Recently, the two have been working on his latest tape that is set to release on the 18th of this month. Swagg has had the opportunity to work with a handful of established artists through his journey including acts like, A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie, Lil Uzi, and Yung Jeezy are just a few. At such a young age, Swagg has already passed many milestones but that didn’t come easy. Having to get a full understanding of the business side of music, while finding credit where it is due were lessons learned. The ride has just started, but definitely worth it as producing is Swaggs genuine passion, as he continuously looks to help others and give back real music. Stay tuned for Seddy Hendrinx upcoming release to hear the latest from SwaggBoyOnTheBeat.

Written by: Milly Wensley

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