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Kino Beats is bringing a unique style of trap production from his hometown of Norfolk, Virginia to Atlanta, Georgia. Having grown up in Virginia, somewhat of a production hub thanks to Pharrell and Timbaland, he naturally gravitated towards the studio. Seeing as there wasn’t much else to do in his city, Kino was able to lock in and start seriously working on his craft as early as 15 years old. Kino landed his first placement with Wiz Khalifa and Juelz Santana in 2013 on “Everything Is Good”, proving he could produce at an industry level standard.

Since working with Wiz and Juelz, Kino has surpassed many more milestones and full circle moments. Producing for A$AP Rocky on a track featuring Pharell was a major eye-opener to how far he’d come since admiring Pharell’s work, and being born in the same state. Following this collaboration, Kino’s most recent notable accomplishment was the opportunity to work on a full tape with artist Curen$y entitled “Matching Rolexes” released last year. From listening to Curen$y as a child and drawing inspiration from his music, Kino was able to play a part and innovatively construct an entire project with his inspiration noting a major personal achievement in his book. When listening to Kino’s tracks, it is clear he is able to evoke emotion in all aspects. Having spent time touring worldwide as a DJ, he often finds himself imagining a packed venue when creating. He aims to draw a high-energy feeling and take over the crowd on certain pieces. Kino is also a fan of soul samples that harness his ability to draw heartfelt emotion and pain from his listeners. With his biggest influence coming from Kanye West, primarily his early production career for Rocafella, Kino isn’t afraid to cross boundaries. Inspired not only by Kanye’s sound but willingness to take risks and push limitations.

As of late, Kino Beats has locked in with CEO Trayle, among others in Atlanta’s prominent rap scene, working on big things to come. He has been transcending norms and diversifying his palette with each new project. Consistently delivering and progressing trap music’s sound, keep an eye on Kino and what's to come this year!

Written by: Milly Wensley

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