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Eeryskies comes to you from Ellicott City, Maryland delivering a relaxed mellow sound through his production similar to the vibe of his hometown. Starting with guitar lessons as an introduction to artistry, Eeryskies soon found his niche as a producer after admiring his step-brother as an artist. Seeing his brother create music pushed him to start working on his craft, piecing together an at-home workspace via amazon equipment. Initially working solely as an engineer, Skies gradually began making beats himself after a few on and off moments of steadily working, creating, and innovating the world of production these past two years.

In terms of Skies' artistic style and preference, he is open to any genres, sounds, and experimental opportunities. He states R&B is his favorite sound selection to work with, as it has so much fluidity and potential to go in any direction. Beyond R&B, Skies has worked with a variety of artists, most notable being $NOT on his latest project “Ethereal”. He enjoys early mornings, sunny skies, and tranquility when it comes to setting the scene for creativity. He takes influence from a sense of community beyond mainstream producers. Given the opportunity to connect with peers and experience their creative process firsthand, this served as an inspiration. These experiences push him further, setting aspirations to reach higher levels matching those around him.

Lately, Eeryskies has been focusing on his brand and business by working to innovate the production space for the overall music community. He works closely with various underground artists such as Garrett Zoukis, Ollie, and Phora. Constructing a swarm of new sounds each day and remaining consistent with the collective of artists, make sure you don't miss Skies come-up as he evolves this year.

Written By: Milly Wensley

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