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Nate Haymes (aka MyFriendNate) has been one of the up-and-coming producers in the Chicago scene to keep an eye on over the last few years. Producing tracks for the likes of nombreKari, femdot., and Dreamer Isioma, he countlessly proves himself with every song he touches. Joining forces with Fortune House allowed his talents to be broadcast across the nation. His unique approach to production is quickly highlighted with catchy hi-hats and strong bouncing drums. Not to mention, he is one of the few people in whose style I can distinguish from others. His musical language began when he was a child rooted by Hip-Hop, and influenced by Jazz & Reggae. Over the past years, his sound has been steadily elevating as he experimented with alternative and R&B styles.

Today we focus on his debut single entitled ‘Do What I Can,’ which features a powerhouse of Chicago talent, including contributions from femdot., Hatesonny, and theMIND. This track will have you rocking in your seat no matter how many spins you give it. The song starts with some tambourine to set the quick pace and chilling guitar to keep you straight. The hard hitting 808's blend with punching drums that immediately wake you up. Hatesonny lays down his selfless support towards his homies and prayers of friends who do not walk this earth anymore. Returning back to the hook, theMIND slows the audience with his bassy voice to ensure everyone is ready to go into verse two. Femdot. runs the rest of the track hopping over bar to bar, leaving you running back to hear more. The summer toned production butters these lines to seemingly flow.

Currently working with collectives HL & Fortune House, he describes his sounds as eclectic and hip-hop centric, but these next releases later this year will show exquisite versatile capabilities. Inspiring young producers around the community he exclaims, if you’re in a struggle, don’t be afraid to look in your area for help because you’ll genuinely be surprised what you find. If you get where I am coming from, then be sure to look out for Nate, as I am sure this will not be the last time you will hear from him.

Written by: Michael Magitman

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