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When I start to think about our Artist Spotlight features and who deserves the recognition, an artist that immediately comes to mind is Vwillz. This artist out of Colorado Springs, CO, is one that defies the stereotypical “stick to one genre” and experiments with it all. He is an all-in-one artist, meaning he can do it all. From writing his own lyrics and producing his own beats, to engineering his vocals and production, Vwillz is a multifaceted artist that strives to break barriers. Genre bending is very rare to find in artists’ these days, so when you do find it, you need to keep your eyes on them and watch their career start to bubble and eventually take off.

Grinding day in and out as an independent artist, Vwillz recently partnered with APG (co publishing agreement) a few months ago back in January 2022. He’s worked with recognizable songwriters such as The Futuristics, Sam Martin, Johnny Yukon, and more. Notable artists that he’s also worked with include The Kid Laroi, Travis Scott, Ariana Grande, Morgan Wallen, Bazzi, Lexi Jayde, and the list goes on. In April he moved to the music city of Nashville, where he began writing country demos for artists and remains focused on building his independent career. What I find so fascinating in this young artist is the organic nature in which he’s growing. Steadily, one foot in front of the other, he is growing a very dedicated core fan base through his social media presence on platforms such as Instagram and TikTok. Unlike a lot of artists that tend to take too long in between releases, Vwillz is one that drops music consistently, constantly providing for his fans’ wants and needs.

Creating music in the genres of Pop, HipHop, R&B, and Country is nothing short of finding a diamond in the rough. We’re very excited here at BeU to be able to highlight this amazing artist and we can’t wait to watch his career grow. With already dropping 3 singles this year - “Freshman Year”, “Falling Slowly”, and “Darkside” - I can’t wait for what else we’re going to hear in the rest of 2022. Be sure to check out Vwillz on all streaming and social media platforms, and stream his latest single “Darkside” now!

Written by: Austin Saffer

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