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NIGHTBREAKERS are a Florida-based band that I decided to peep after watching their most popular song “Attention,” had a music video shot on Lake Eola, which was right down the street from where I grew up (shoutout Orlando). This band is a five-man pop group that brings passionate upbeat music, intriquitly blended with an alternative or indie pop sound. Their vibe is much more of an indie band than a “pop boy band” feel, and I mean that in a good way. I think the production quality of all their music is very high with distinct beat arrangements. Paired with powerful vocals, they create a great sound that is the same quality you would think of for a pop radio hit, only with a deeper meaning behind the song.

NIGHTBREAKERS describe themselves on each form of social media as “sad boys from the sunshine state,” and I can’t think of a better fitting bio for this group of guys. They already have the star look, and have gained a decent amount of traction & success through their music. If you want some fun music to put you in a good mood, give these Florida boys a listen and let us know what you think.

Written by: Kyle Johnston

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