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It’s safe to say Atlanta is one of the most prominent communities in both mainstream and underground hip-hop/rap music to date, and the Eastside is not short of talent. Coming out of Zone 6, Atlanta, Georgia artist S.U.R.F. is bringing a fast-paced and witty bar-for-bar style of rap to the upcoming music scene. His first taste of the industry came in high school whilst enrolled in an audio-engineering class taught by an engineer working closely with Latto and B.O.B. at the time. The class sparked his interest and by 2019 he was working to hone in on his own unique sound and style.

Taking large influence from artists such as Travis Scott and Trippie Redd, S.U.R.F. has high energy music fit for the rage. Beyond established artists, Atlanta’s local music scene and culture are a heavy inspiration. The creatives and artists in his area are on another level that he is working to bring to light. While his music evokes movement and upbeat vibes the lyrics are often full of substance. As an artist, S.U.R.F. draws lyrical influence from those he’s surrounded by in relationships of all levels beyond romantic. Adopting a quick and current flow, S.U.R.F. lays down exactly what he’s feeling in the moment during a session. Having a definitive team around him makes brainstorming and bouncing off ideas flow smoothly, ultimately resulting in the best product possible. His range is broad and he’s hoping to build a fan base that doesn't listen for just one sound. Building a personal connection with fans, keeping an open mind to enjoy whatever he may produce.

Currently, S.U.R.F. recently released his latest single “Nightcrawler” which is available on all platforms, with more to come. This month he’s releasing a single alongside Ben Reilly and has a tape on the way set to be out this summer.

Written By: Milly Wensley

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