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In a shift away from my usual writing topic of upcoming rappers, I wanted to highlight a great artist that our founder Austin Saffer put me on. OCTAVIO the Dweeb, not only has a unique name, but also a unique sound. Born in Monterrey, Mexico, he moved to the states at just five years old and had trouble fitting in growing up in Kentucky. Until he moved to Tennessee, he found himself isolated at the age of 16 for most of his life, but this new shift allowed him to find identity and confidence through music. After OCTAVIO the Dweeb started pursuing art and music, the rest was history. Even with the vast success he has found through his releases holding more than ten million streams on Spotify, he still remains humble.

After diving deep into OCTAVIO the Dweeb’s catalog and social media presence, I noticed how strong his musical relatability shines for people who have gone through similar experiences. He cleverly refers to his fans as “dweebs,” and it's great to see how much he values his listeners even through all his success. His genre is a blend of hip-hop and indie, describing his sound as soft-spoken vocals with inspirational production. There is no doubt that OCTAVIO the Dweeb is extremely talented. I respect the humility and kindness that he posts towards his fans, and strongly recommend that you give OCTAVIO the Dweeb a listen and let us know what you think!

Written by: Kyle Johnston

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