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I’m not sure what they’re putting in the water in Arizona but I constantly see new talent emerging from this great state. Next up we have Saiah, an up and coming Arizona based artist. Saiah’s modern punk/ indie sound is nothing like you’ll hear out there today. Saiah embraces their personal experiences in which they frequently reflect on heartbreak and depression throughout their lyrics. Makes sense that Saiah released a song titled “HEART(BREAK)” which really helped set them apart from the rest trying to go down this lane. The difference is Saiah isn’t trying to go down anyone else’s lane. Saiah is making their OWN lane. Saiah’s passion and energy to each syllable of their lyrics is very evident throughout songs like “HEART(BREAK)”, “WH(3)RE, and “LI(AR)”. They recently teamed up with Overcast to create a music video for one of their recent hits “Polaroid”. The catchy chorus mixed with Saiah’s vibrant personality lifts the song up to create a visual pleasing experience for the listener. Keep an eye out for what’s coming next from Saiah ⚡️

Written by: Austin Saffer

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