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He knew his entire life that pursuing music was the route for him. At the young age of eleven, MarMar Oso watched his older family members use a local studio space to create music in his hometown Sacramento, California. Inspired but withheld, MarMar didn’t start his music career until early 2018 with his debut single “Lost Feelings.” In an interview with Respect, MarMar stated that his mother loved his voice, but wouldn’t let him record any music until he graduated high school. She wanted to make sure he had a decent education to fall back on and stayed focused before dedicating his life to music. MarMar’s track “Telling the Truth,” which is the outro to his debut album, tells the story of what he went through to make it where he is now.

Despite his seemingly late start, MarMar’s career is on an extremely well-paced trajectory with over two million monthly listeners on Spotify. Much of MarMar’s success was garnered through his YouTube channel where he uploads music videos for his music. He was met with immediate success as his debut single accumulated over 500k views. However it was a later single that he dropped that same year that really put MarMar’s name in the game. “Ruthless” talks about heartbreak using the repeated hook “nice guys always finish last.”

MarMar recently released his newest project “Love Don’t Cost a Thing” that has twelve new tracks, featuring popular singles “Summer Fling” and “Dream Girl.” His recent work highlights his strong vocals and utilizes many west-coast hip-hop elements. MarMar has plans to continue releasing music and cover as many genres as possible, including R&B, pop, and hip-hop. He wants to continue building his following and continue representing the city that gave him his start.

Written by: Ash Guha

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