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When we talk about the epicenter of underground hip hop/ rap artists you can’t help but mention Kyle Hippy . The 20 year old rising artist out of West Memphis has been making a name for himself after being featured on Billboard 100 Adult Contemporary Charts. He recently dropped an album titled “Mayday” earlier this year and it has some serious hits on it. From ‘Monte Rugs’ to ‘Ten Toes Down’, Kyle really showed off all he’s been working on with this project. Even more exciting news, he is set to release a new project this Friday, October 16th, titled “Heartbreak Hippy The Album”. This follows up his most recent single, ‘Heartbreak Hippy’ that he released back in April. The best is yet to come for this young star so be sure to check out the drop on Friday ⚡️

Written by: Austin Saffer

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