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“Money, power, and respect” are the first three opening words to the song that would become a viral sensation and one of the songs to watch in 2019 by upcoming artist, Haiti Babii. These three words would also soon foretell the future of Haiti Babii’s rap career.

Released in December 2018, “Change Ya Life” was a song that was heard around the world as creators on the video-sharing platform, TikTok, effectively took it and ran with it, choreographing dances and comedic bits that launched the Stockton rapper into the public eye. But for this 22-year-old rapper from Stockton, California, this song’s viral status is just the beginning.

First known as Amari Amil Proctor, Haiti Babii was born and raised in the Central Valley’s city of Stockton, a city not quite in the Bay Area and also not quite in Sacramento but somewhere in between. Having been raised on the likes of Andre 3000 and Luther Vandross, Haiti Babii’s musical style could also be described as somewhere ‘in between’. A self-proclaimed ‘late bloomer with rap’, Haiti Babii was initially put off by the genre’s heavy bass and 808-heavy beats, describing it as ‘too loud’ in his BET interview. But as Haiti Babii grew older, he began exploring the music scene around his hometown, eventually becoming enamoured by the Bay Area’s hyphy movement and Suga Free. As he began to pursue music full time, Haiti Babii was influenced by all the music he heard growing up and, most importantly, his cultural roots to the island of Haiti, hence his stage name.

Inspired by the scrappiness and work ethic he saw in his mother, Haiti Babii threw himself into his music with the same drive and determination he saw growing up. He is producer, mixer, music video ideator, and writer for all his own music, skills that he taught himself from watching YouTube videos and other platforms. And with his mouth as his instrument, Haiti Babii hopes to put not only Stockton but the country of Haiti on the map, citing his origin island and roots as big influences in his music. Eventually, Haiti Babii even hopes to collaborate with island icons like Koffee and Rihanna.

For now, Haiti Babii is focused on staying in his own lane and developing himself as an artist. Even after his freestyle on Real 92.3 went viral for perhaps the wrong reasons, a freestyle that The Fader deemed ‘mesmerizing’ and ‘unlistenable’, Haiti Babii’s response is that his flow and musical style isn't for everyone but is a reminder to always be your authentic self. Be sure to follow Haiti Babii and his rise in the music industry and continue to follow BeU Entertainment for all your hip-hop headlines.

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