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When I sat down with @itsyoungera a few months ago, we talked a lot about his upcoming music he's working on and his rollouts that would be coming out this year, 2021. I could tell immediately how passionate he is about his music and the process that goes into it. Having an engineering background, he treats his music like a recipe, making sure there’s the perfect amount of each ingredient involved. Through his music, you know exactly who he is, where he comes from, and what he’s about which makes him at the very center a true artist.

Era’s confidence has really grown over the past year and it’s clearly visible throughout his recent and upcoming releases. “That’s something that I’ve never really 100% felt on, you know I mean I kinda felt like I was testing the waters and doing this. But I feel like I 100% identify with myself and who I am and what I’m putting out. And I’m just excited for that, I’m excited to be able to share it”, Era said. He is a true testament to the idea of focus on the art and the numbers will come, the streams will come. I’ll never forget one of the biggest pieces of advice he gave in our interview back in July. He said “Keep your head down, work hard, and don’t expect anything from anyone.” That work ethic is allowing him to really focus on his craft and that’s why he keeps getting better and better and his streaming numbers are there to prove it.

With that being said, Era’s first release of 2021 “One In The Same” drops tonight at midnight. Stay tuned!

Written by: Austin Saffer

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