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Daniel Nunnelee is a Nashville-local musician who describes his sound as alternative-folk music. Since 2017, he’s been releasing original singles and EP’s that take you through his life experiences including his love life. His most recent single, Pick and Choose, was released on February 4th, and has blown up on Tik-Tok producing over 2 million views. Daniel has taken inspiration from other folk artists such as Hozier and The Lumineers when writing & composing his music. Stylistically, he was also influenced by his upbringings after spending a lot of time growing up in different churches. Motivated by one of the music ministers, Daniel began writing and playing his own music. Since then he’s released nine singles and two EP’s. My personal favorite, Fireworks (The Last Time), takes us through the mind of Daniel reminiscing about his past relationship. Introducing some choir moments and a pedal steel guitar that fills the song with desolation and feelings of nostalgia, Daniel's intimate vocals will grab you by the hand and show you what once was and no longer is.

In more recent news, he just wrapped a sold out headline tour in five various cities including Nashville, Atlanta, and Denver. It’s safe to say he’s a fan favorite with the amount of support he receives on social media and the music streaming platforms. Be sure to check out his most recent work and keep your eyes on Daniel Nunnelee to see what he’ll drop next.

Written by: Nicolle Perez

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