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Born and raised in Tampa, FL and currently residing in Los Angeles, CA, @777villain is going to be the next big thing to come out of the underground scene. Growing up listening to a mix of rap, alt-punk, and pop, he has been able to use all of those influences to engineer his own unique sound. Working lately with producer @nilesforester , 777Villain has been building up his arsenal of music and stockpiling for the near future. Latest release “weapon”, shows his continued growth and improvement and he’s set to release his newest song “internet gangster” very soon.

The promised rapper’s name comes from many different things that are a key part of his life. He has 7 siblings, started writing music when he was 7 years old, wrote his first rap song in the 7th grade, and has 7 letters in his name. The “777” is often deemed as being lucky numbers or the jackpot in a casino, but sitting directly next to the name “Villain” is somewhat contradictory. That contradictory theme of good and bad is something keen that shows up through most of his music, as he embodies what it truly is to be 777Villain.

You can expect very big things to come from this young star but for now you can stream his newest song “weapon” right now on all streaming platforms 😈🛸

Written by: Austin Saffer

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