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A longtime friend of BeU, Apollo1027, has done it again. Releasing his newest hit single, “Under Pressure,” and its accompanying music video. After a first listen, the chorus had me hooked, and there is no denying that this song is catchy. However, when you take the time to listen and dive into the lyrics, you will quickly find a much darker undertone surrounding the track. The pressure that Apollo1027 is feeling goes to credit his demons and how he is helpless in this fight. After repeating the struggle in the chorus, he quickly breaks into his first verse that outlines his growth and perseverance as others around him switch up or become bitter. Ultimately this led to Apollo1027 finding success, even with the constant pressure he may face from his inner demons. When it comes to his internal battle, Apollo1027 is winning. The music video is produced at equally high quality as the song and hit close to home for me personally. In the initial scene, he walks up on stage and starts getting hype in front of a crowd showing how talented he is. After quickly juxtaposing Apollo1027 in the same bar with no one sitting and singing about his demons to represent the two perspectives he must deal with internally. Even when the backdrop and scenery changes to an outdoor location, it does not bring happier visuals. Rather than showing an abandoned warehouse falling apart covered in graffiti, which perfectly captures the aesthetic of the video. I enjoyed seeing his performance on the stage since that was the same bar I first found out about BeU while bartending with our founder Austin Saffer (shoutout to Potbelly’s). It goes to show how connected the underground scene is, and how awesome it is to see Apollo1027 has progressed as an artist, showcased perfectly by this video.

I have had my eye on Apollo1027 for quite some time now, enjoying how his production quality & lyrical talent has only gotten better. If you are not already aware, he is a Puerto Rican singer/songwriter who beautifully bends his genres to a unique sound. His ability to maintain a solid flow while also highlighting his singing ability is impressive for an artist this early in their career. This new single displays his vocal range and capability to give off his recognizable sound. The way he maintains a higher pitch for a lot of the chorus while the song still sounds hard is definitely what stuck out as the most impressive part to me. He has definitely earned his verified checkmark with his previous releases, and I think that “Under Pressure” has held the same standard that has helped him succeed. His fanbase had a large increased when NELK Boys featured his song “Designer Snakes” in 2019. He has increased his talent and reach well in the years since, and if you are in the mood for a fun listen or getting into your feelings. Check out Apollo1027’s new song and video “Under Pressure.”

Written by: Kyle Johnston

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