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4LA Records' Z6Saint has been taking over the local Atlanta scene since his breakout project, “Saint’s Revenge” dropped in 2021. Alongside the tape, he has been consistently releasing quality visuals bringing each single to life. Taking a closer look at the official video accompanying tape’s single, “The Bad Guys,” we’re able to see Saint's raw and real style. The Z6 in his name is represented by his “Zone 6” upbringing, having a large influence on the person and artist he is today. Being as his neighborhood is of such character influence, it only makes sense to shoot the video surrounded by long-time friends at a local gas station he frequented. Featured artist Homicide Fatt also gave an ode to his upbringing with basketball court scenes filmed on his street. Shot and directed by Caleb Jermale of IJU “It’s Just Us,” a collective of creatives that work closely with Z6Saint, the concept made for a transparent look into the community.

Analyzing the lyrical content of the single, we hear the story of the temptation faced by artists entering the music scene. Early in his career, he felt incapable of reaching the ambitious goals he had set for himself. Currently, he has found the feeling that directed him on a path to greatness. However, there has been the temptation to partake in things that may slow him down or throw him off track. The lyrics use the term “bad guys” to refer to himself and featured artist Fatt, both young entrepreneurs of the music industry facing obstacles and distractions. The nickname “Saint” was given due to his abstinence from drugs or alcohol, and unlike many artists and those around him, he’s driven to keep a clean mindset that is focused solely on music. His music is diverse in genre and style, yet he remains consistent in sound and ability to speak solely on raw storylines. As an artist, he wants to be as honest as possible, expressing each and every experience or emotion to his fans.

Written by: Milly Wensley

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