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Apollo1027 continues to impress with his new video for “Regardless” directed by Bae Merola. This particular production is extremely close to home for the BeU team with Apollo 1027 and Bae Merola being closely connected with BeU. The song and video start off extremely calm in tone but the message and visuals are clearly tense with Apollo1027 fighting with a girl with a blurred out face. Clearly, this is the love interest that he is having issues with. As the video progresses we see him address that he still has feelings for her, “regardless” of how she may be treating him these days. The song builds and builds with very beautiful, fairly steady shots of Apollo1027 singing about her. When the song hits its climax and the tone shifts, the shots immediately become more sporadic and intense as Apollo1027’s tone does the same. The way Bae Merola was able to capture this energy that Apollo1027 is exuding throughout the back half off the song was extremely impressive and I think he deserves all the positive credit for interpreting the songs message so well visually. Ultimately, the video progresses into Apollo1027 literally drowning in his own sorrows as water begins to rise out of the tub he is sitting in, eventually rising to fill the entire home the video is set in.

BeU reached out to Apollo1027 regarding his take on the video and this is what he had to say, “I think it’s safe to say that we’ve all been obsessed with someone in a not-so-healthy way. I wanted to make song about having strong feelings for someone. Like too strong. To the point where everyone around you is telling you to stay away from that person because they don’t treat you right, but it feels impossible to. Throughout the chorus I talk about how my relationship with this person has fizzled out and because of it they don’t treat me the way that they used to. But my love for them persists regardless. I’m repeatedly questioning this person and asking them if they still feel the same, when really I should be questioning myself and getting myself out of that situation as soon as possible. I feel like Bae Merola, the director of the music video, was able to truly help bring this story to life. Throughout the video you see me going arguing with the person I’m toxically obsessed with. Bae also included a special effect that resembles me drowning in my own sorrow as the video progresses. Huge shoutout to him for being receptive to the song’s message and being so creative.” Clearly, the creative process here culminated into something truly beautiful and if you haven’t already, go give Apollo1027’s new video “Regardless” a watch and let us know what you think!

Written by: Kyle Johnston

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