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Tbarb$, aka Terrance Barber, is on a mission and his path is endless. Before anything is said, Tbarb$ wants viewers to know that “I’m writing my story. Everything I’ve witnessed, been a part of, and experienced, down to the good and bad decisions, I want to tell it all.” This Chicago native and Howard University scholar, is a hard working artist from the south side. He began dabbling in the art around 2016 in highschool, writing verses and short songs that he would recite to himself for about a year and a half before rap truly caught his attention, and caused him to invest more time into the art. Tbarb$ will admit, he figured that the possibility of blowing up overnight was a little more attainable than it was.

Mentioning, “Once I started focusing on me and why I wanted to make music, I began to realize this (rap) isn’t something you just do, it’s a journey. I think I learned the most about myself and who I am when I started taking music seriously.” Since Tbarb$ first started making music, he says most of the music he made was for other people, and it didn’t really do anything for him as a person. As his confidence went up a lot when creating music that was true to himself, in addition, it also resonated with people who really know him. Tbarb$ personifies perseverance through his music in every song. One of my favorite songs “Endless” is about his fiery passion for success and his endless hunger for greatness. The lyrics state,

“Gotta wake up and go get it, every night I’m pushing limits, they told me time is money, in that case I’m wasting no minutes”

Tbarb$ courageously found a smooth medium of even-toned delivery and aggression, to bring us a passion filled anthem about pushing through and chasing what you want. The high energy rapper finds himself talking a lot about perseverance, celebrating his come ups, and his desire for further success for him and his family. As I sit on the phone with him, so excited for what he has to offer, I and many other fans are waiting on his next piece of work by saying “It’ll all make sense when you hear it.” Tbarb$ has a lot of great things in store for us. One of his present tasks is putting together his first project titled “Bad Decisions Good Intentions”, coming in the near future.

Written by: Trey Raines

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