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After a successful last release of “Somebody I Know” featuring Dro Kenji, Era delivers us another hit including a great feature. “Rainbow” featuring no other than G 5aby is encompassed with smooth vocals and melodies layered over some slight drums and a groovy piano based loop. Era taps into his emotional state with lyrics such as “Say you love me when I’m gone, That you need me all along, Sang you every little Song, Just to show you we belong”. This is a common theme in a lot of his music as he leverages his experience of love and relationships to paint the listener a picture of what he’s going through, or had once gone through. This tactic is what makes Era one of the most relatable artists out at the moment as his music connects with his audience and any person going through something of that sort.

It’s also been interesting to see him add melodic rap features to some of his music as it adds some extra flavor to the tracks. It’s like adding the missing seasoning to food that you didn’t know you needed, but you’re happy to have it. Something also that just adds a cherry on top, is that Era always releases visualizers with his releases. This really helps to hammer down the picture he’s trying to paint and it’s not something a lot of artists are doing at the moment which adds to the one of a kind artist that he is.

Something also to check out is his “Live Sessions” set that he streamed on YouTube a few months ago. If you haven’t seen that, I highly suggest taking a listen and look. With that being said, be sure to stream “Rainbow” NOW on various streaming platforms!

Written by: Austin Saffer

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