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New England bred and Los Angeles based, is our highlight of the day Zane Christopher. The 22 year old singer songwriter has released his highly anticipated sophomore single, “Young.” The upbeat summer anthem packs a punch with a catchy hook, a rich arrangement, and an energetic performance from Zane. At its core, this song is about celebrating life and cherishing every moment we have together. The bright energy that this track provides us in perfect time for the beginning of summer. Whether you’re kicking it at the beach or driving aimlessly with your windows down, I expect everyone to be bumping “Young”.

Zane is someone who was very close with his grandfather who had sadly passed away last year. As a devotion of his love and respect, he sampled his grandfather’s voice in the song. He doesn’t just create music, he’s creating memories.

I’m really happy Ralph (my grandfather) made the final cut of ‘Young.’ I was lucky enough to have my voice memos recording to catch the 86-year-old’s remark “we’re young baby, yeah we’re young baby!” which is featured in the song. At that time, I didn’t really know what the song meant to me, but, as things evolved, the vision became more clear that this record was about celebrating life and living in the moment together.” - Christopher, said.

Be sure to stream “Young” now, on all available platforms.

Written by: Austin Saffer


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