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All the way from Miami, Florida, Supergold recently released their newest single, Gasoline, in mid-January. This indie rock band has been producing music since 2018, and their unique sound sets them apart from others in the industry. The band has played in multiple cities across Florida and has been a local favorite. Starting in home venues that grew into playing at larger locations, segwaying to compete for a spot at Okeechobee Music Festival in a Battle of The Bands show. They recently went on a tour to kick off their newest release, Gasoline. Traveling from cities in South Florida all the way up to Gainesville, FL, this group knows how to put on an amazing show with excellent stage presence.

Gasoline has an eccentric sound with a great use of grunge guitar throughout the track. It has been in the making for over a year to fully piece together and be released to the public. This song goes into depth as to how the lead singer, Alex, is against the world. The lyrics break the mold of your average rock song with a six minute track that flashes a vintage feel with their choice of chords and melodies. This song is one that deserves to be on your playlists and be shown to the world for how unique it is. Though they have been releasing music for a few years now, Supergold is their track that shows their on their way to doing amazing things and should be given the recognition they deserve.

Stream “Gasoline” on all music platforms and be sure to look out for what’s to come next.

Written by: Nicolle Perez

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