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Shumaq, a close friend of BeU since the start, has delivered once again on his promise to release more music in 2022 for his eager fans. “Savannah” is out now on all platforms and has been stuck in my head since I first heard it. This single has the classic Shumaq sound to it with a funky, upbeat track that Shumaq absolutely crushes the vocals over. For those who don't already know about Shumaq, he is a Pakistani born, Florida raised, California based artist who has an extreme talent as a lyricist. What makes Shumaq so unique is he is able to really dump his soul and presence into these songs with his strong vocals and the end product of his music always provides a great reflection into the effort he put into it. He has a variety of hits as a verified artist and his genre-bending style seems to have no trouble gaining traction and getting listeners. Shumaq has been outspoken publicly about his “time off” to not only focus on his own health, but also to build himself up as a better individual and artist. However, the part that the public may not know is that this “time off” was no vacation. Shumaq spent 2021 in the lab, putting a lot of work into his craft and writing and recording a library of songs that is going to shock the public.

“Savannah” is just one of the many tracks Shumaq will be dropping this year and he has promised that he has poured his heart and soul into these upcoming releases. Shumaq’s goal for his music has always been to ensure people have fun listening to his music and be able to escape for the duration of the song. “Savannah” is such an upbeat, catchy song that I didn't even stop to realize the true meaning until after a few listens and a conversation with Shumaq. The record is about Shumaq not taking responsibility for his mistakes in a relationship. It’s a comical take on how this girl, “Savannah,” has it out for him. The irony of the situation is that behind the satirical lyrics, Shumaq realizes his own role in the failed relationship. Clearly, Shumaq hit his mark perfectly with this song because I was so focused on enjoying the music and the moment I was in, the deeper meaning just added another layer of enjoyment to the track. As someone who has been close to Shumaq for a long time and watched his music progress at an insane rate, I strongly urge you to keep your eye on him and have nothing but high hopes for “Savannah” and the many other tracks to come. Do yourself a favor and go give Shumaq’s latest single “Savannah” a listen now!

Written by: Kyle Johnston

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