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Since our last interview with Mark Richards, he has recently released a new single titled “ANGEL”.

“ANGEL is a song about a failed relationship but it’s also about mental health and a conflicting self-image. That feeling after a break-up... regret followed by assurance that you made the right decision is what I feel every time I hear this song. In my mind she was too good for me and at more than one point in time I believe that her presence in my life could change me for the better. As the song unfolds, it becomes clear that the only person who can do this is yourself. On any given day I can hate myself and then love myself minutes later. The verses reflect regret, reputation, and self loathing which contrast with the overall theme of romance. The release of this song before the end of the year (12/30) was important and intentional. I wanted to finish this year with a bang and sharing this song that I both wrote and recorded while on quarantine with coronavirus seemed appropriate. This year has been filled with setbacks for everyone and part of my closure with these feelings personally has been attached to the release of this song.”

“ANGEL” Streaming now on all platforms ⚡️

Written by: Austin Saffer

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