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Up and coming artist, jusLo , has just now released his first single in almost a year. Since then he has successfully had his hit “Wristwatch” placed on NBA2K , garnered almost half a million followers and millions of views on TikTok , and partnered up with Uber to create a viral TikTok dance and song. With the hard hitting lyrics and melodies and high energy beat (prod. by 100 Graham Beats) this track wholeheartedly deserves to be featured on this weeks BeU Release Radar. Whether you’re in the club, grinding in the gym, or just vibing with the homies, “6 FLAGS” is a song that always just seems to hit that needed spot 🎢 Be sure to stream “6 FLAGS” NOW and stay tuned to see who takes the BeU Release Radar spot next week.

Written by: Austin Saffer

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