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Atlanta-based artist, Gabriel Avrett, brings an alternative sound to the hip-hop industry. Starting off with trap rapping, Gabriel began releasing music on streaming platforms, like Spotify and Apple Music, in 2019 with his first EP What is Life. As time progressed, he changed his sound to be more alternative-rock/hip-hop based and has found even more success doing so. He brings a melody-driven sound rather than the spoken trap style of rap. The first released track using this new style is called Pretty Art. The lyrics talk about the sad reality of life that some doors aren’t always going to be open, and eventually will have to close when it comes to relationships.

His newest single, Brain Storm, was just released on March 19th, 2022. This song definitely gives off summer vibes with its upbeat back track. The lyrics, however, go into detail as to how “Life is kinda crazy, different problems on the daily. Lately I’ve been trying to figure it out… Just some demons on my ass, don’t be askin’ me what I’m thinking about.” These are lyrics that most people can relate to as life tends to get difficult when you least expect it. He also mentions about how he is going through the motions and how he believes he is just trying to live in the moment. The repeated chorus is ridiculously catchy and makes you seem to overlook the actual meaning of the lyrics because of how fun the background track is. Brain Storm was an accidental find, but I’m glad to have run into it and now share it with y’all. Stream Gabriel Avrett’s, Brain Storm, on your favorite music streaming platform and let me know what you think

Written by: Nicolle Perez

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