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Hailing from Orlando, FL, artist Apollo1027 comes to us with a brand new single, titled “Under Pressure”. There is no doubt he’s been making noise in the underground scene in Florida, as he’s been dropping music consistently over the past few years as well as performing at venues all over the Sunshine State. In 2020, Apollo1027 released a single titled “Designer Snakes” that caught major traction after being used by the NELK boys YouTube Channel. Since then, he has capitalized on that moment and has built a very supportive fanbase that stretches all over.

With his first single release of 2022, he comes at us with a much different style than his most recent releases, being more rap centered. Apollo brings forth an energy that is quite melodic but at the same time very hard hitting and upbeat. With such crisp vocals and fantastic production, he truly shows off in “Under Pressure” how versatile he can be. This opens the doors for what he has up as his sleeve and what he can bring to his fans with his future releases.

The kitchen is heating up and Apollo1027 does not seem to be knocked around by any of the pressure. Quite the opposite of falling under pressure to be exact.

This video is accompanied by a performance based music video directed by @cutbykudzu, a dynamic group of videographers, editors, and directors. The music video perfectly embodies Apollo’s lyrics through the sporadic use of flashes and colors, tying in that theme of feeling that overbearing weight coming down on oneself. There’s a lot to come from this young artist very soon, and we can’t wait to see what else he brings us in 2022.


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