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BEST FRIEND (BETRAYAL). When I think of these two words, all I can think of is how quite opposite they are. Somewhat of an oxymoron. These are two words that the average person can’t in any way put together and make it seem cohesive. But that’s something that @4tunat is somehow able to do. True modern day poetry and very deep thinking practices are things that he implements within his music and especially his new single, BEST FRIEND (BETRAYAL).

The lyrics may just seem like what they are, just words. But then you dive deeper and you actually see that it’s dialogue between himself and his ego. At the young age of 19, these are just some things that the average teenager isn’t able to compartmentalize and even understand. But to 4TUNAT, this way of thinking comes upon him naturally.

This is a major sign of a true artist and a sneak peak of what is about to pour into his music in 2022 as he develops as an artist and a person. Diving into the dynamics of the music, the beat produced by @pilotkid_ complements 4TUNAT’s tone and flow perfectly with a swifty guitar loop and hard hitting high hats and drums. His cadences and lyricism keeps improving release after release, and is truly showing how “genre-less” his music is. 4 proves that his music isn’t something that one can put in a box, as he constantly comes out with a new flow or mashup of uniquely made sounds. The track is also accompanied by a music video, directed by @dylanbudnieski at @overcastaz , as they team up once again to create a visual masterpiece.

Some may compare his sound to others in the game, but what truly sets him apart and what is going to take him the farthest is his mindset. Very few artists at his age, let alone people, are able to put thoughts like his into lyrics and that is what he capitalizes on the most. It’s almost effortless the way in which his art is created. As 2021 comes to an end, we can’t wait to see where 4TUNAT is at the top of 2022. I’m not Santa so I can’t deliver gifts, but the one gift I can deliver to your ears is this new song by 4TUNAT.

Streaming now on all platforms, run it up 🍀

Written by: Austin Saffer

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