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For @wesleyjoseph__ ‘s first song of 2021, he comes at us with a banger called “Thrilla”. Coproduced by himself and Jai Paul collaborator Lexxx, this track is very heavily rap based. But he also gets very introspective at times with lyrics like “Looking hollow tomorrow, dividing barricades / Thought I saw the future coming close but that was yesterday”.

Wesley says the way this song actually came about was when he was drunk and freestyling. That’s literally where the name “Thrilla” came from and it just stuck. Joesph is dropping his debut project titled ‘ULTRAMARINE’ later this month and this is a little preview of what’s to come. The future is looking bright for this 23-year-old UK rapper.

“Thrilla” streaming now on all platforms ⚡️

Written by: Austin Saffer

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