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Saiah is a Pittsburgh native with a very unique style that is tough to categorize in a single genre. After moving to Arizona for high school, Saiah quickly found success in athletics as they were able to compete in track at the collegiate level on an athletic scholarship. Even with their athletic success, Saiah discovered they were seeking more and moved back to Pittsburgh. This period of time allowed for Saiah to dial in their artistic style and find their voice. After this period of self-reflection and growth, they returned to Arizona with a lot of forwarding momentum as an artist. Saiah has gained a lot of traction with the release of various singles and EPs that show no sign of letting up as their fan base consistently grows.

Saiah’s official music video release for their song “SEX,” shows not only the creative talent but also the wide vocal range they are capable of digging into. The video, directed and produced by Lucas O.M., is full of contrasting visuals of the sunny outdoors with a digitally rendered cloud of darkness circling throughout the entire video. The VFX created by OCDvisuals are far from subtle and contribute greatly to the end product of the video. This juxtaposition of the light and darkness coincides brilliantly with the soft and aggressive tone shifts that Saiah switches between in this song. As the video progresses, we see the darkness manifest into Saiah’s demons resulting in letting their emotions loose. As we watch Saiah gain confidence and raise their voice, their demons begin to dissipate. This results in Saiah being reborn in a chilling end to the video leaving us with the sound of a heartbeat and the question, “are you ready?”

I don’t know about you but after seeing the creativity and passion behind this video I am definitely ready for what Saiah has in store for us on their next project.

Written by: Kyle Johnston

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