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Lango is an alt-Indie hip-hop artist hailing out of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, who is now based in Atlanta, Georgia. Fresh off the release of his latest album, “Speedin’ Through Life”, Lango enters 2022 by showing us a new side of his self. Being from Baton Rouge, Lango has been surrounded by a wildly diverse underground music scene. With acts such as Kevin Gates and Lil Wayne coming out of Louisiana, his city proves not one to be slept on. Lango’s hometown allows him to embody a certain energy and performance style. Shows are a defining trait of his artistic persona, interacting with the crowd like no other while captivating exorbitant energy. However, his recent album,” Speedin’ Through Life”, while still full of spirit, takes a turn towards a more emotional side. Touching subjects around mental health, anxiety, and relationship issues, among other difficult situations. This project allows the audience to dive into his mind, with a collection of music detailing what Lango was personally going through. His focus is to bring these issues to light by creating quality visuals alongside each single.

Diving into Lango’s music video for the single “Bentley Baton Rouge”, which debuted on February 10th pairing a colorful and eclectic visual with the track. The subject portrays Lango speaking of an idealistic lifestyle that he’s not actually living in order to impress a girl. Directed by LoveJaxsn (@lovejaxsn), the video showcases this interaction of Lango spending a night with his dream girl. The color palette of the video consists primarily of Blue and Red, portraying Lango in Blue light and his love interest in Red, manipulating the color to represent the individual vibe of each character. The visual takes on a hazy film style insinuating the use of drugs, giving the viewer a dreamlike feeling. With trippy effects and warped transitions, the video editing adds to the aura of an unreal experience. If described as a scenario, I would say this visual brings to life the 3 AM feeling of being the last two people once the party is over. As Lango continues to develop a notable collection of music videos to pair with his tape, he is hoping his audience will be hooked by “Bentley Baton Rouge” as a taste for what's to come. Check out his brand new single below!

Written by: Milly Wensley

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