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Updated: May 3, 2022

Chicago’s very own King Marie has been a force waking through the city killing within the scene for years now. A prominent act is also known by DJ King Marie, a unique curator in the making after partaking in numerous events throughout the city. With her garnishing many skills as the years progressed back from releasing her debut EP’ in 2019, The Prelude, she began upgrading her human to King 2.0.

Today we view her developments with her video King 2.0 which is off her newest EP’ that was released two weeks ago, 222. There is no doubt in my mind that she is a King. After going through her rebirth, she reminisces on her numbers $ and face on the boards. While reflecting on her life, King Marie is a proud Philippine who is actively rising her presence to the top. Panning your attention to her make-up and nails we see the range of her damage that has been created. Having lived working so hard over the span of her underground career, she has reached a pivotal point in her life where we will see the brewing of a rising star.

Be on the lookout for King Marie as she will be tackling bigger and better fortes. Stream 222 on all platforms and give @kingmarie a follow for this exciting year.

Written by: Michael Magitman

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