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Updated: Mar 2, 2022

Today’s spotlight hails from the land of Chicago, again… the clay of the midwest reached the peaks of the West. Covering a piece of art that took almost two years to create, due to the uncertain timing of Covid-19, and extensive labor required for claymation and stop motion picture. Jesse 5k, aka. The Alien, is a performer, actor, and visual artist that blends together rap/hip-hop with neo-funk-soul in addition to forging elements of house and alternative pop to form his sound. He hopes to spread the good vibes he feels when creating the music, in order for his listeners to gain hopes of restoring that feeling of great music; while making his family and City proud. Inspired by Tim Burton, he found himself wanting to create a piece that connects all the cool kids and weirdos together.

The 2 minute and 56 second run time of this black & grey video immediately pull your face center screen. Slowly panning down the street, a UFO appears in the middle of town covered with black & grey overcasts meshed with the aloft production of Matt Walz. Lo-fi drums and staggered synths merge together with the hypnotic voice of Adia Dew. Providing harmonious uncertainty as her adlibs glide across the track. Shining a beam into town, an alien falls out of the sky as children observe from their windows. The shaken entity walks around town, stumbling across a record store staring into the vinyl spinning on the turntable later finding a food stand. The two’s synergy form an ideal feeling of how the duo’s voices complement each other; binding into one instrument as their vocals carry the progress of the story. Late last year, Jesse released his EP "A.B.E VOL.1" which includes “Easy Mind” and provides a taste of what’s to come in the future.

Written by: Michael Magitman

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