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Feast your eyes and ears on, csndra, an Orlando-native indie-pop artist, who on February 11th released her debut single ‘very well’ attached with a colorful music video that empowers women. The insanely talented musician has shared her journey of self-love and self-appreciation throughout the years on social media that are highlighted in this track. She describes it as “a song for all the girlies on their self-love and self-care journey,” in hopes Csndra writes music to inspire and encourage young women to learn to love themselves. Relishing in who they are regardless of the pressure society pushes onto us. She shares how always struggling with her self-esteem in the past, and shifting her mindset to focus from pointing out the negative thoughts she may have disliked about herself, into loving every bit and piece of who she is. This encouraging message is one that should always be shared and reflected into our daily lives.

The music video for ‘very well’ features a diverse group of women feeling confident and sending out fun bubbly vibes. We are taken through different cut-scenes of dreamy, hazy, and soft shots of the “girlies” dancing and appreciating themselves. You can’t help but feel great and confident with the visuals and cheerful music. She is highly influenced by artists like Doja Cat and Kali Uchis, both of which share similar messages through their music. Give this amazing high-energy song a listen, and keep her on your radar for when she releases more gems in the near future! Stream ‘very well’ on all streaming platforms and be sure to follow her @csndrajolie on instagram for exclusive behind the scenes content!

Written by: Nicolle Perez

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