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Hannah Gusters, LSU Women's Basketball Center, coming out of Dallas, Texas has been playing basketball since the age of 6. What started as a hobby has opened many doors for Hannah, making basketball a huge part of her life. By the time she reached middle school, it was clear she stood out from among her peers, by taking her sport more seriously. A long ride of practice, preparation, and keeping the right mindset led Hannah to Baylor University, where she played her freshman season alongside coach Kim Mulkey. With the news of her Coach moving to LSU, Hannah was able to do so as well, now looking to finish out the season strong with hopes of an appearance in the final four.

When it comes time for a game, Hannah turns up the music to get in the right mindset. All through practice, warm-ups, and downtime before a game she has motivational tracks coming through her phone. Hannah’s taste in music is primarily rap and hip-hop, hearing artists such as Drake, Lil Baby, and NBA Youngboy put their stories and feelings into a journey that serves means for motivation. Hannah credits NBA Youngboy as an inspiration to her, due to the fact no matter how much the world is judging or criticizing him. He keeps doing what he wants to, and you can hear his dedication and growth in the music. Currently, she’s been listening to his more recent tape with Birdman “From The Bayou” featuring singles “Achievements” and “Black Ball” found on her custom playlist.

As an athlete, Hannah has learned that you need to be 100% dedicated and passionate about your sport. Her advice to young athletes would be to make sure they know what they're passionate about, because it’s hard to dedicate so much time and energy to something you don’t truly love. If you're working hard and having fun, with whatever you put your mind to, you’ll love it. Listen to Hannah’s personalized volume of “The Warm Up” to find motivation and put your all towards what you’re passionate about.

Written by: Milly Wensley

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