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The newest volume of the Warm-Up is particularly an exciting story that highlights Anthony Polite, who recently graduated from where I, and many of the BeU team members attended, Florida State University! Having played all four years at FSU as a leading shooting guard, the team meant a lot to Anthony, and his father who also played during his collegiate years. Since graduating, Anthony has continued training and preparing for the 2022 NBA draft coming up this June.

Starting his journey in Switzerland playing basketball from the age of 4, Anthony then moved to Boca Raton, Florida at 15 before starting at FSU in the Fall of 2017. Throughout his career, he learned many life lessons that helped push him to keep working and prospering in his sport. He gazed inspiration from Dwyane Wade as a basketball icon, personality, and fashion influence. He also states Drake as someone he’s looked up to making relatable and meaningful music with the diverse subject matter and sounds. Music plays a role in many athletes' lives, for Anthony, the prime time for focusing up and zoning out into his music is during warm-ups. Various playlists and artists rotate on hand consist of numerous music tastes and motivation to help him get in the zone. Naming Drake, Future, and Young Thug as his top three artists, all of whom have made their way from the bottom to icon status amongst the music industry and world alike.

When asked what advice he’d give to young athletes looking to be in his position Anthony states “Do everything to the best of your ability every day, that’s how you see progress.” Through hard work, consistency, and the right playlist, Anthony was able to turn his dreams into a career and is continuously working hard to this day! Listen to his collection of inspiring rap tracks to set yourself up to perform at your best!

Written By: Milly Wensley

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