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From one side of the Atlantic coast to the other, The Backfires brings you a legendary sound with their sensational singles and EPs. This band was formed in 2018 when they met in the University College London Live Music Society. Since then, they have released 5 singles and an EP that will blow you away. Their first EP, Consider the Backfires, was about coming-of-age experiences and their journey through love and heartbreak. As each project progresses, their talent continues to grow and flourish into the next best indie-rock band. The crew takes influence from groups such as The Strokes, Green Day, and the Bottlemen. They currently reside in New York City where they play various live shows.

On April 12th, the Backfires released their newest single, Blindsided. It features a killer bass line, pounding drums, and melodic guitar lines that tend to stay stuck in your head all day. This catchy tune was written by the band when they reunited in London after a year and a half of Zoom calls after the pandemic. They reflected on being scared to leave home after the whole world shut down. This huge obstacle tested their connection of being able to create music and keep the band alive through their new ‘long-distance’ relationship. They were able to overcome and jam better than ever, as they continue to play shows and release new music like Blindsided. This is the perfect song to blast in the car with your friends where you have no final destination and are just enjoying each other's company. To learn and connect more with the band, check out The Backfires on their social media and stream their newest single TODAY!

Written by: Nicolle Perez

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