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Since 2018, Quiet Bison has been no stranger to success producing a plethora of EDM music spanning his discography. Throughout last year, Bison released a multitude of songs that affirmed his reputation. Hustling out tracks every couple of months acquiring coverage from ComplexUK and Thissongissick. Captured the attention of NEST HQ, Skrillex’s former media company, who invited Bison to DJ on a NEST HQ MiniMix. Each of these singles don’t shy away from quality as his unique skills grow and continue to be heard in every project he puts out. His avant-garde sound continuously expands this generation of EDM waves in new conscious stories told in the music. Hailing from Portland, Oregon releases his newest 32-track album, Dawn, which is out on all platforms.

Collaborates with Australian Producer, Tek Genesis on the song ‘Petrichor,’ made back in 2019 that we are highlighting on today's release radar. If you haven't heard of these two artists I highly encourage you after this article to spend some time diving into both their music. 'Petrichor' will have you traveling through vast lands that range between rough and smooth terrain. As I kept re-listening to the track, I only found myself plunging deeper into the unearthly interjections that caused me to let go of my surroundings. The bass compliments the melodic breakdown adding an element of space and emphasizing the complicated hi-hats structure that flows in the song.

After the track ended, I craved more. Kid you not, I listened to both these artists combined for about five hours straight. If you haven't already loaded these creators in the next tab of your computer, then I don't know what you are doing, and I'm disappointed. If you enjoy riddim, halftime, and melodic house, do yourself a favor and stream 'Petrichor' and follow both for future information regarding what's happening in their lives this year.

Written by: Michael Magitman

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