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The strength of a label arguably lies heavily on the talent of its roster. In hip hop, it’s a fact we stand proudly behind. The Ruff Ryders, Rocafella, G-Unit, G.O.O.D music, and most recently Dreamville have all made history when they’ve come together to release collaborative projects under the label’s name. Artists @charlienoiir , @scotty4eyes , @ldaati and producer @theonlyyoungwolf come together to form @stayoutlate . 3 remarkably talented vocalists and a tremendously versatile producer honor hip hop tradition as they bring STAYOUTLATE to the world.

Just yesterday they released their new single titled “LAVISH”. The music video for Lavish by the collective STAYOUTLATE is an exploration of the ever evolving definition of the word LAVISH for these artists. From the simplest of moments to the most grandiose, STAYOUTLATE provokes you to evaluate what LAVISH means to you as they figure out what it means to them.

STAYOUTLATE explained the underlying meaning behind “LAVISH” perfectly. “In life we fight so long and so hard to form our own personal identities and values. As we grow and begin to experience things like loss not only in death, but in ended relationships and friendships or as we experience milestones, and we develop what we desire in our relationships, we begin to understand that the definition of many things we’ve learned in life are a foundation for us to mold in order to fit the world we have created individually.”

“LAVISH” streaming now on all platforms!!

Written by: Austin Saffer

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