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My very first producer spotlight is a special one arriving once again from Chicago. Putting the work in since he was a freshman in high school, Andrew Vorobev aka. Spaceking, has had an elusive transformation these past five years. During this process, he started off like anyone else by finding himself through sound. Whisking away months of studying other producers in order to comprehend which direction to take. He struggled in the beginning after constant rejections for beat placements, Andrew’s perspective shifted into the direction that would ultimately change his place in producing. After graduating high school, Andrew took a leap of faith as he flew off to LA for the summer. With no connections or anywhere to stay, he began working at a grocery store to earn enough for food. After couch hopping for about a little over a month, the grind finally payed off as he stepped into Ice Cream Sound Studios (@icecreamsound) he would find himself in the rooms with major label artists. Forming a relationship with billboard charting producer, Samir “ADHD” Akhter (@1adhd), the two would build a brotherhood that allowed Andrew to further expand in his craft. His most recent placement was the song, Prada by Rich the Kid included the remix with Polo G, these two tracks have garnered over 8 million streams.

Currently, Andrew spends his days at Dartmouth College where he is the Studio Manager. With his second to last year of college coming to end, he has continued to master his craft and has recently mastered a track for ZOKU! ft. SSGKOBE which I included below. This year is looking very promising for him, with possible placements on Rich the Kid’s new album coming soon & maybe even French Montana… but you didn't hear that from me. In addition, this determined individual has set his sight in the future for Production Management, so I highly encourage you to not blink with this guy since you might miss something important. Stay tuned on BeU to hear more about what this future prospect will bring to music.

Written by: Michael Magitman

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