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NxG rising artist out of Philadelphia, PA is fully aware that he’s capable of being the next big name, certainly out of his city. His artistic journey started in the classical music choir scene during his childhood, this experience allowed him to truly excel in terms of manipulating his tone and using his voice as an instrument. Taking artistic influence from Lil Uzi, Trippie Redd, and SoFaygo, NxG is creating music that’s unique yet would fit perfectly alongside these artists in a playlist.

With his single “Next Up” he brings a modern upbeat festival vibe to his fan base while alluding to earlier 2016 sounds of artists such as Lil Uzi. Ultimately flexing throughout the entirety of the song, this single is sure to be an anthem for those who’ve worked equally as hard finally able to step foot into the spotlight. While still a part of the underground collective of artists in his area, NxG is catching a buzz in the broader hip-hop community. Having worked with rising artist iayze, who had a viral TikTok moment with his single “556 (Green Tip)”, the two collaborated effortlessly complimenting each other‘s sounds. The single displays a duality of melody and quick bars, giving listeners a catchy vibe that hooks any listener immediately. With the confidence and validity to be flexing as they are, both NxG and iayze are on an upward trajectory to the top.

NxG’s lyrics constantly display vulnerability and authenticity, giving his listeners and upcoming artists alike a sense of community. “Next Up” is only the first taste from his upcoming EP “Equilibrium.” I’m personally looking forward to this release as these singles exude both energy and exciting sounds. I believe NxG is sure to bring an amplifying new era to Hip-hop.

Written By: Milly Wensley

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