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Mattera showcases a diverse blend of genres and sound in his music that gives us a unique indie style out of Fort Myers Beach, Florida. The music comes very naturally, writing about whatever comes to him at the moment. He describes his style as a way of creating characters and storylines that match the sounds he’s working with. Mattera credits artists such as Mac Miller, Lil Peep, and Dominic Fike with influence and inspiration. Artistically, he is in full control of his music, piecing together production, experimenting with samples, writing all of his lyrics, and having fun overall with the creative process.

His current project “Inside Out” is set to be released on May 27th, which includes a two-track single project aimed to showcase the duality of what he’s feeling and experiencing in life versus what’s going on inside his mind. The first track “Melt” brings you feel-good summer vibes, the production has spacey overtones that cast the story as that of a chilled-out day in the life. This single represents what Mattera has been experiencing on the surface level as of late. With “My Head” following behind, we are exposed to what’s going on deeper down. The goal of this second track was to bring his audience a more vulnerable look into his life to allow for a deeper connection with his listeners.

The concept of enjoying life day-to-day, and appearing to have a good time, only to end up in your head at the end isn’t foreign to most. It’s essential to shed light on both the highs and lows as well as how they can be experienced simultaneously. I believe this project does a really good job of painting an image that many listeners may be familiar with. Not only do the singles complement each other conceptually, but they hold their own as two strong tracks to be enjoyed by a wide variety of listeners. Be sure to check out the project this Friday, and pre-save now!

Written By: Milly Wensley

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