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Singer-songwriter @themarkrichards recently dropped another hit titled “LAST NIGHT”. This song is about young-juvenile romance maturing and coming to age. It’s also about timing and persistence and getting everything wrong for so long. Maybe everything was there but just not happening all at once the way sometimes things need to happen. “The stars need to align, the planets need to align” said Mark. The chorus starts off with the lyrics “somethings’ you don’t forget, like last night”, referring to the idea of how does what took place last night affect things moving forward.

Richards time and time again aces his writing skills with the inclusion of figurative and metaphorical lyricism. There’s always a story to be said and the best part is that the main character is almost always unwritten. This gives his fans the ability to relate to a common theme that they might be experiencing as well.

“LAST NIGHT” streaming NOW on all platforms 🌙

Written by: Austin Saffer

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