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Meet the 23 year-old New Jersey native, independent artist @lydiaasamuel . After her first single “Doesn’t Matter” was featured on the Fresh Finds Playlist, she has now just released her second song “On My Mind”. This track is like a breath of fresh air with the inclusion of the warm blend of smooth, classic R&B and bright modern pop styles. Since her last release gained traction quickly, I wouldn’t be surprised if “On My Mind” does as well. Some of her biggest musical influences include @hermusicofficial , @arianagrande , and @kehlani which you can evidently hear through her melodies. As she continues to build her artistry - she draws songwriting inspiration from her own past, dreams, and stories of those close to her. She hopes to inspire others to feel their emotions, good or bad, as they listen to her songs.

There is so much more to come from Lydia Samuel and we can’t wait for it

“On My Mind” streaming NOW on all platforms, run it up 🤞🏽

Written by: Austin Saffer

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