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Kevin Holliday, the 23-year-old Brooklyn native, has released one of the most dynamic EP’s of this past month. “OMNI” is a 6 track EP with a ton of different vibes in each song. Cultivating music that evokes the senses and emotions, @holladaze continues to redefine the old notions on what defined genres and gives us a completely unique sound.

"OMNI is a coming together of all of my musical influences,” says Holliday. “Growing up in Bed-Stuy, I remember being at cookouts listening to things like Gap Band. I was a sponge when it came to all the music I heard around me. Artists like Prince and Rick James naturally became very formative for my sound. I wanted to create something that felt like my childhood, but was also uniquely me. “Dynamite” is a prime example of OMNI’s purpose in further telling my story.”

The genre bending artist is setting himself up for a major break in 2021 as he aims to continue with putting out what we like call progressive art.

Go stream his Sophomore EP “OMNI” on all streaming platforms 🕺🏽

Written by: Austin Saffer

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