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Jame Minogue (@holasoyjame) is an Irish-Dominican singer-songwriter, who is based in Los Angeles, California, brings a new take to the indie-pop industry. He tuggs on your heartstrings with his relatable heartbreaking lyrics, while still keeping it fresh to make you want to get out of your seat and dance along to the catchy beat. He has been releasing music since 2019 and has left such a sweet sound in the ears of many. He does an excellent job incorporating his culture into his music, specifically the Hispanic side of using Spanish lyrics to Latin-style instruments and production. His latest release, Hate Being In Love, will give you feelings of euphoria while still bringing up memories of nostalgia from your past relationship.

Jame’s newest single is an indie-pop track that has a heavy make-up of Latin percussion, such as a guiro, congas, merengue merge with piano progression/regression that you’d typically hear in a salsa or merengue record. This is the kind of song your Hispanic mother would play in the house on a Saturday morning, while she sings along and cleans the house… Or maybe just mine. Though the beats are incredibly joyful, the lyrics in itself are quite the contrary. Minogue writes and sings about how he is utterly in love with someone who reciprocates the same energy only as they please. He sings, “Giving you love on the low when you need me, you love me, you feel me, you call me your sweetie. So why are you leaving every weekend, God I hate being in love,” shows evident how he isn’t being appreciated, but can’t help but remember the best parts of his ex-love affair. This moody, feel-good single, is available on all streaming platforms right now and I highly recommend giving it a listen. Be sure to keep up with what Jame is doing on social media, and for what’s to come from this amazing artist.

Written by: Nicolle Perez

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