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Q: Can you tell us a little bit about yourself, you know how you got your start and maybe some people that have influenced you along the way?

A: To be real, I think it all started when I would sing around the crib and I would do it all day long and nobody would ever say anything, so I was like I can’t be bad. I was like this can’t be terrible so it started getting to the point where I grew up in this town in Leesburg, Georgia, home of like Phillip Phillips and Luke Bryan so really musical, like music oriented. And in 8th grade, Phillip won American Idol and I was like “oh shit, this is obtainable” like this whole music thing, this whole success thing is obtainable because we knew this person. And so I started playing guitar in 9th grade, started singing around the same time, and always played live music throughout college. Last year was the first time I put out music on streaming platforms, and yeah it just took off from there and now we’re here so it’s pretty cool. I’m excited about it bro.

Q: Can you tell us a little bit about your creative process when you’re making music?

A: Yeah dude, so it’s honestly almost the same every time. So what will happen is I’ll hum some shit into my voice memo. I’ll just turn my voice memo on in my phone and I’ll hum something. And I won’t even be saying words. I’ll hum something and if it sounds good to me I’ll fill in the pockets with words, and then I’ll write the lyrics and if a beat accompanies the hook, cause I usually just write hooks initially. That’s the only thing I do in my voice memos, I don’t do raps or anything. I just do hooks and if a certain hook is catchy enough and it complements a beat, then it’s a song. The verse is easy after that. The hook is what matters to me the most.

Q: Speaking of music bro, you’ve been killing it this year dropping Where We Headed, Sugar Drop, Mama Please, Westside; which we just talked about has been blowing up and now you released Good Company. Can you tell us a little bit about what Good Company means to you and the message behind that?

A: That one I was really excited about. I wrote that pretty recently because of all this shit that’s been going on, and I feel like there’s going to be a lot of music this year that comes out relating to what’s going on with the virus, protests, and all that shit. And I feel it’s a time where no one really has an answer for anything. And the biggest thing for me was when I was in college I took for granted being around other people and being around good company in general and I realized when I wrote that song is like all I really need is good company. Like that’s all I wanted in the moment and then it just turned into that song and so that song is a representation of how I was feeling in that current moment like right now. I’m going to remember that one for awhile. Like 2020, I’m definitely going to associate it with that song for a little bit.

Q: If you could sit down with anyone in the studio and record with them, dead or alive, who would it be?

A: Honestly, I’d get in the booth with Biggie bro. I feel like that old school energy just like matched up with new modern time hooks, like that old school flow it’s just classics. Like even know, the energy Biggie would put in the studio and like his turn around time, yeah I think I would love to experience that.

Q: What’s next for you man? You know we’ve gotten halfway through this year and this year has been crazy so far, but what’s next?

A: I’ve got some shit planned. You know the good thing about this quarantine is I can stay at the crib all day long and just make music. I’m not too worried about school right now because it’s all online. If you’re an artist and you’re not taking advantage of this time right now making music, you’re fucking up, you really are. So I’m just putting music together now for later and for now. So essentially right now I’m trying to keep up with the consistency, keep dropping like every month, and then later in the year I’m moving out to L.A. and I’m pretty excited about that man. So it’s going to be all uphill from here. I’m excited.

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