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I sat down to talk via phone call with West side native Frsh Waters about his current path in the music field and his latest single “What’s Next..?”. The opening of the song begins with some soft melodic piano chords reminiscent of the ending to any movie about perseverance. I asked about how the creation of the song came about and what inspirations while working on this project. Beyond wanting to be the best rapper at the top of the year, Frsh stated “it [What’s Next..?] came from me thinking about the journey and how far I have come. I made it a while ago and I had recelently lost my brother Squeak and my uncle, and in the light of all the loss. I really had to figure what was next from me”. Meeting Jo (Joseph Chilliams) and Sab (Saba), Frsh was a solo artist, doing his own thing, eventually starting to hang around them so much they made Pivot gang. As of late, a lot of his journey has been trying to get back in that solo seat, establishing himself as Frsh Waters. Being the neighborhood guy, he wanted to use this as a way to open doors for people. Making sure that everyone coming behind from his background knows that the door isn’t locked. Frsh went on to talk about being around when Ambi would spend a lot of time creating beats at Classick Studios and writing the first verse there when she made the beat. The tranquil foundation for the beat, laid geniusly by producer Ambi Lyrics, was complemented by a strong lyrical start from Frsh, “Never cave like a deep end, most days we was inna way playing defense, today I’m getting even.” Around five years have passed since the two have begun working together and shows sonically how strong the bond is.

I like to think of Frsh as a poet. Every verse he’s dropped leading up into this single has been bar after bar of hard hitting metaphors alluding to life lessons and overcoming an array of obstacles. “What’s Next..?” provoked a reflective and reminiscent mindset that really made the song personal, almost as if Frsh was speaking to me specifically. Be on the look out for ‘Icarus’ coming next month… the boy who flew too close to the sun.

Written by: Trey Raines

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