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Tik Tok loves him and you will too. Felix Ames has recently gone viral on Tik Tok for his latest release, Shoestring. With only one single released a month ago, this new and upcoming artist accumulated over 450,000 spins and obtainted over 160,000 monthly listeners. This soul and RnB song features groovy guitar and light use of percussion when taking you through this passionate song. He uses a great amount of layered vocals and harmonies throughout the extremely catchy chorus, “I can’t find my way now way now, Looking for a way out way out way out.” Shoestring is one of those feel good songs that just has to be added to your chill playlist. These verses dive deep, describing how Felix is going through tough times and just wants to be a better man for that special someone. He’s open and honest about his life, sharing hardships he’s gone through in the past to actively work on trying to better himself, in order to find more stability before diving into deeper into relationships.

You’d expect an artist with little-to-no released music on streaming platforms to be very average but Felix really outdid himself. Becoming such a favorite by many around the world - especially me! His newest fan-base has recently been teased by his newest project that has yet to be released. It’s called SPF and it will be released on March 11th. He describes it as a ‘windows down on Summer night’ energy. This will definitely be the song everyone will be streaming as the weather warms up. He keeps that groovy soul vibe with this song and layered vocals that feel so nostalgic, transporting you to a past era. If you haven’t already opened up your favorite streaming platform to groove to this song, what are you doing!? Stream Shoestring NOW and be on the lookout for his next release coming soon!

Written by: Nicolle Perez

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