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With today’s release of “Shooting Stars”, @itsyoungera concludes his 3 piece series of singles, with the other two being “Him” and “One in the Same”. “Shooting Stars” caps off the whole mood that these singles provide, being the point in his life where he’s at right now. It’s about finding that right person where you don’t think to question what’s there, while also bringing up stuff from the past. He feels he always trusted people more than he should have so “Shooting Stars” provides that feeling of removing doubt from the relationship entirely and having 100% trust in one another. His smooth melodies and heart felt lyricism provides this atmosphere that you really just get lost in. That trance directly translates into this visual of himself and his girl stargazing, just getting lost in the moment with one another and not having any worries. The nostalgic feeling that this song and visual provides is a common theme amongst most of his music. For now, Era gets back to working on his next project which everyone should be very excited to hear.

“Shooting Stars”, streaming NOW on all platforms!

Written by: Austin Saffer

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